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PS4 will have a 4K movie streaming service

That right. You'll be able to stream all four kays of resolution on Sony's upcoming next-gen console. Take that, data caps

The PS4 will be getting Sony’s 4K movie streaming service according to Sony Electronics president Phil Molyneux – confirming our previous story on the console’s 4K capabilities.

Speaking to The Verge, Molyneux strongly implied that Sony’s 4K service will be coming to the PlayStation 4, promising that we “will not be disappointed”.

With a single 4K movie chewing through 100GB of data however, there are plenty of prospective PS4 owners who will be disappointed – until super-ultra-mega fast broadband spreads across more of the country.

Still, for those of you with 4K tellies, a 100mb internet package an a garage full of shiny cars, it’s good news all round.

[via The Verge]

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