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Pure cranks out Marshall radio Mk II

Marshall-faced Evoke 1-S gets a performance boost and, of course, a volume dial that goes up to 11

Turn on, tune in and rock out – Pure’s latest Marshall-branded digital radio channels the mosh pit spirit.

The £120 Evoke 1-S is the evolution of the original Evoke Marshall, with a 3in hi-fi speaker, OLED display (with light-sensitive dimmer), a 3.5mm aux jack input and FM receiver.

We had a bit of ears on with the Evoke 1-S yesterday and – while it won’t threaten to knock any expensive hi-fi kit off its perch – it belts out some decent welly for the size and money.

A second speaker cab is available for stereo and added warmth.

For those about to rock, it hits the shelves in early August, though to begin with those shelves will only be in HMV stores.

Also, heads-up on an event in a couple of weeks (August 11) when Pure will be unveiling a top-secret project. We hear it may be cloudy that day. Any guesses?