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Red Dead Redemption scores with its music

There’s many things to love about Rockstar’s epic western Red Dead Redemption. The wide-open dusty vistas, the fact that it is (thankfully) more than

Less discussed, however, is its excellent soundtrack, which draws on the work of Ennio Morricone – the maestro who reinvented western movie music with his score for A Fistful of Dollars.

The game’s sparse and brooding accompaniment to its feast of wild west action has finely balanced presence in the game. Unlike many game soundtracks it spends most of the time lurking in the background adding to the atmosphere without intruding and shifting in style to match the on-screen action.

It’s a far cry from the tracks by well-known acts that are grafted uneasily onto far too many games. Luckily Rockstar have recognised just how good the soundtrack is and released it as a music download, so you can enjoy it outside of the game.

But do people buy game soundtracks as they do with music from films? And, if so, what other games do you think score with their sonics?