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RIM to launch new BlackBerry 10 devices and PlayBook 2 in 2012

RIM's new troops will deploy later this year, wielding BBX OS in the fight for smartphone supremacy. Let the games begin...

RIM is set to release its first BlackBerry 10 device in September according to BGR’s sources, falling in line with previous reports of a late 2012 release.

The BlackBerry London which was spotted back in November is said to be the first BBX OS phone out of the gate, with an all-touchscreen interface and a design inspired by BlackBerry’s yummy Porsche handset.

Following the London’s launch, a new Bold 9900-like touch/keyboard handset is slated for October, with a new Torch QWERTY slider set for release in early 2013 – both of which will be powered by BBX OS.

Specs for any of these blowers is a mystery, but we hope they’ll all be rocking quad-core processors and pixel-hungry graphics to feed their (hopefully) hi-res screens.

Interestingly, RIM’s recently-resigned CEO Jim Balsillie also confirmed to the Wall Street Journal the existence of a second BlackBerry PlayBook, said to be packing a 1.5ghz dual-core processor, NFC support and 42Mbps HSDPA+. If you haven’t already been tempted by the current PlayBook’s price cut, then it might be worth holding out for the PlayBook 2.

With a fierce line-up expected at Mobile World Congress next month, it’s safe to say this year is crunch time for RIM. Here’s hoping the BlackBerry name returns to the top table of smartphone greatness.

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