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Rumour mill – all the Windows Phone 7 handsets

Windows Phone 7 has entered the ring and started prancing round in its dressing gown. These are some of the accompanying hardware rumours

Whoever said talk was cheap never had a 24-month contract on a superphone. And there’s about to be a whole lot more reason to want to pay your way into a new one – Windows Phone 7. Handsets will be announced on Monday. Here’s what bloggers have been finding on the bar…

HTC Mozart

This one’s been doing the rounds lately, most recently on Orange’s website, where instructions on changing the unannounced phone’s battery were posted (we assume accidentally). A video that popped up on WMPoweruser also points to a spec sheet including a 1GHz chipset, 3.7in screen and 8MP cam with xenon flash.


Big. Not the film – this widely-leaked handset. At 4.3in, you’re looking at a revision of the HD2 (missing out 3 through 6 to get to that lucky number) and, like the rumoured Mozart, it should also be getting its WinPho kicks on a 1GHz Snapdragon. There’s a 5MP with dual-LED flash. Spy pics show a neat camera-surround-come-kickstand on a device badged HD3. One and the same? [via Engadget]

HTC Mondrian/Spark/Trophy

Can a phone with this many names be real? Don’t cast your vote until you’ve seen the evidence – well, pictures. Spec has been curiously thin on the ground, mind. We’ll know for sure after the weekend. [via XDA Developers]

LG Optimus 7/E900

LG’s supposed entry has been seen, but spec is thin on the ground. Safe to assume there’s a gigahertz-clocking Snapdragon in there, we suppose, but after that LG seems to be keeping its cards pretty well shielded. If you call leaked press shots well shielded, that is. [via bestboyz]

Samsung Omnia 7/i8700

A hands-on vid of Samsung’s Windows Phone 7 handset doesn’t tell us much about the device’s internal workings, but it does show a manufacturer hub on the homepage and seems to zip along speedily enough. We’d love to say that’s a Super AMOLED screen, but it’s too hard to tell without a comparison. It does look bright and crisp though. Fingers crossed, eh? [via phoneseven]

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