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Rumour Mill – Apple’s autumn launches

Breath-holding continues for Apple’s big event this Wednesday. Here’s are some of the things we might see

Hyperventilating fanboys are once again heading to eBay to sell their MacBooks just in case Apple makes some new ones this week. Here’s what we can expect them to rush out and buy instead…

MacBook Air

Around the beginning of this month (October), it was casually noted that MacBook Air supplies were running low with third-party suppliers. That suggests Apple could be in the mood to restock those empty warehouses with a brand new edition of the skinniest Mac – and the smart money points to one with an 11.6in LED-backlit screen.

Probability rating: 2/5

MacBook range update

It’s been a while since Apple’s workhorse laptops – the MacBook range – have had a nip and tuck. True, the aluminium models were rebadged with the ‘Pro’ moniker last year and they’ve already had a hardware spec bump this year. But could we see the death blow coming for plastic MacBooks and a new ‘budget’ aluminium model introduced?

Probability rating: 1/5

iLife ‘11

If iLife ’09 was a car, and you walked into the Stuff showroom, we’d point out that it was an excellent runner, in good condition and that prices had been slashed lately. Because we’re not Arthur Daley sorts, we’d also suggest you keep your wallet sealed until Wednesday, when there’s a decent chance you’ll find a shiny new iLife ’11 parked out on the forecourt.

Probability rating: 3/5

Mac OS 10.7.0 (Lion)

Given that Apple’s OS X versions are historically named after big cats – Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard – and that there’s a picture of a lion on the event invite, you could be forgiven for jumping to conclusions. We’ll join you in thinking that Mac OS X (10.7) is going to be on stage with Steve Jobs this Wednesday. And if he should trade in his trademark black turtleneck for full lion taming regalia, so much the better.

Probability rating: 4/5

iPod Stick

We’ve been waiting for the arrival of Apple’s iPod Stick – with Wi-Fi, multi-touch flex display and 7MP cam – since 2008, without joy. Could this finally be the Stick’s chance to shine? Somehow, we doubt it. But we live in hope. Sort of.

Probability rating: 0/5

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