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Rumour Mill – Google Nexus Two

Is Google building a second phone? Is it coming out in 10 days?

We’ve been hearing rumours of a successor to Google’s Nexus One, unimaginatively titled the Nexus Two.

Google’s second phone could be the developer platform for its forthcoming new version of Android, 3.0 or Gingerbread, which’ll bump up the mobile OS’s social skills, add a music store, support media streaming and improve copy-and-paste functions, among other things.

Tech bloggers at Gizmodo, the site that got its hands on the infamous left-on-the-bar iPhone 4, say a “friend” got hands-on with the new hardware, rumoured for a November 8 launch.

Says the source, it’s basically a Samsung Galaxy S, slimmed down and running a “really buggy” version of Gingerbread.

So bad news for anyone expecting a revolutionary hero phone for the new Android version, but good news for anyone who doesn’t fancy being trapped behind a manufacturer-skinned version of Google’s software.

And, as is always the case with rumours, there’s no guarantee of the veracity of any of this.

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