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Samsung Galaxy S Android handset incoming

Samsung has made a new addition to its Android portfolio in the shape of the Galaxy S – also known as the i9000.Following on from Samsung's Galaxy and

Following on from Samsung’s Galaxy and Galaxy Portal Android handsets, the Galaxy S boasts an X10-bothering 4-inch touchscreen, packing the same Super AMOLED tech we saw in the Samsung Wave, and the latest Android 2.1 OS.

Under the hood, the Galaxy S will run a 1GHz processor, and will be capable of both recording and playing back HD video.

The Layar augmented reality browser will make an appearance once again to allow for advanced location based services, and native GPS with 3D maps will make sure you won’t get lost.

Samsung’s new Social Hub feature spied on the Wave will also be included, providing always-on social network connectivity, and bringing all communications with your contacts into one handy place.

This includes things such as contact info, history (a list of all your phone calls, emails and SMS between each other), activities (status updates) and media (photos and videos posted) for each person.

Finally, the handset will introduce Samsung’s new “Smart Life” content eco-system. Added touches include a “daily briefing” widget for instant access to news, weather and diary feeds, DLNA connectivity, “Write and Go” for quick notes you can turn into an SMS or email later, and “ThinkFree” – an app that will allow you to view and edit Microsoft Office 2007 documents on the go.

Samsung added to its announcement by saying it is partnering with top media companies to bring movies, TV shows and ebooks to the Galaxy S and other Samsung smartphones, although it said more details would be announced at a later date.

We can imagine films will look gorgeous on its AMOLED screen, but the mention of ebooks rears the question again – will you ever really read books on your phone?

The timescale for a release in the UK is vague and simply titled “soon”, but we’ll bring you all the new details as soon as we’ve got them.