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Samsung Galaxy S3 shipments expected to break the 10m mark

Selling 21,000 mobiles an hour is a good way for Samsung to put the fear in Apple’s eyes

Samsung expects to have shipped a whopping 10 million Galaxy S3 smartphones by July. That will make it the South Korean smartphone maker’s biggest selling phone, which should be available from nearly 300 mobile carriers by next month.

Samsung, between January and March, has made a staggering £2.3bn in its mobile department alone. And it’s not surprising with its smartphone sales at 44.5 million in those three months alone – meaning 21,000 were sold an hour. It also means Sammy has got 30 percent of the mobile market and over 50 percent of all Android sales. To put it in perspective Apple has sold 35.1m iPhones for a share of 24 percent, making Samsung current king of the mobile ring.

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