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Samsung’s next Galaxy launch event is on 27 February

Samsung's not slowing down

Samsung just held its latest Galaxy event, where the company announced the new Galaxy S22 lineup. You might have been expecting it to be another few months before the company’s next event, but not so.

The company just announced it will be holding another Galaxy event, at Mobile World Congress (MWC) on 27 February. MWC is an annual tech conference held in Barcelona, and 2022’s edition will be the first in-person event since before the pandemic.

Samsung’s event at last year’s MWC saw no new product announcements at all. The company spoke about its environmental policies, and unveiled the One UI Watch operating system. It wasn’t particularly exciting.

This year, it looks like Samsung will have the same focus again. Samsung’s tagline for the event reads “a new era of connected mobile devices”, and the promo graphic shows all of Samsung’s products together. This points to Samsung focusing on the software side of things again.

What’s more, we’re not currently due any Samsung devices. We’ve already had the FE edition for 2022, the new Galaxy devices are out, it looks like Samsung is done with the note, and the Fold series usually launches in the summer.

Now, a software-focused event isn’t a bad thing at all. Apple hosts WWDC every summer, where the company usually focuses on new software. If Samsung was to hold an event solely for software, we’d hope to see some more exciting changes.

It’s currently unclear how Samsung’s new software will make its devices more connected, but that’s clearly the aim. One UI Watch saw the Samsung’s smartwatches integrate into its smartphones software, so we should expect to see more of the same.