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Samsung PL90 brings plug and play to compact cams

Samsung's latest cam, the PL90 brings plug and play functionality to the world of digital cameras. And iIt's got a pocket friendly price tag to boot.

Losing the lead for your digital camera is one of life’s many annoyances – like stepping in dog poo or stubbing your toe on the radiator. Samsung’s new 12.2MP camera solves those lost lead issues with a flip-out USB arm that connects the camera directly to a computer to offload those snaps.

Clearly taking its lead (geddit?) from Flip and the rest of the pocket cam gang, the PL90 is actually the first digital camera to boast this kind of connectivity. Once connected, the USB arm transfers pictures and gives it the juice it needs to operate.

Samsung’s new model also boasts a 4x optical zoom, 2.7-inch screen, face detection and a range of photo enhancing features like Self Portrait and Beauty Shot. Video capture is where the PL90 starts to lose some of that shine, though. It shoots 640×480 pixel video, which is great for showing off your latest shenanigans on YouTube, but isn’t good enough to rival anything in the realm of hi-def. 

The PL90 will be available from September for a very pocket friendly £130. Gimmicks aside, this is a brilliant price for compact cam and best of all you can wave goodbye to pesky cables and card readers.

This isn’t the only camera Samsung has unleashed of late. Why not check out its twin screen 2View range as your here.