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Is Samsung preparing to launch a Galaxy Note 7.0?

Benchmarking results reveal a mystery Samsung device - could it be a Galaxy Nexus 7 competitor?

Perhaps keen to cash in on the highly lucrative budget tablet market, Samsung may be planning to launch its own 7in Android slate.

Assuming a mysterious benchmark posted on the Internet is anything but fictitious, the GT-N5100 will allegedly pack a resolution of 1280×720, an ARM Mali-400 graphics processing unit and a 1.6Ghz quad-core processor. Also mentioned is Android 4.1.2, which means it’s Jelly Beaned up to the hilt, presumably with Samsung’s full selection of S Pen-supported apps, if the Note moniker is anything to go by.

With a slightly lower screen resolution than the Asus-built Nexus 7, maybe Sammy has finally cottoned onto what people want: a cheap iPad alternative, as opposed to an expensive equivalent. How it can differentiate itself from the rather excellent Nexus 7? Well that Wacom-infused S Pen certainly would be a good start…

[Nena via Tech Radar]

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