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Samsung’s 5MP camphone – hands on

[intro]Cramming a hi-res camera into a slimline slider has to result in photographic rubbishness, right? Wrong[/intro] In between Samsung's new G60

In between Samsung’s new G600 arriving in the office, and it disappearing into our reviewer’s pocket, I managed to grab a few minutes of valuable snapping time. This 5MP camphone comes in the form of a slimline fashion slider, so I was expecting it to produce pretty awful pictures – but I was wrong. And if you don’t believe me, click on the pictures below to see them in their full 2560×1920-pixel glory.

Compared with its 5MP rivals, the G600 is relatively feature-light – it doesn’t have the xenon flash of the Sony Ericsson K850i, or the smartphone functionality of the Nokia N95. But it’s considerably slimmer and lighter than both, and still manages to take decent pictures. Plus it has the increasingly lovely Samsung menu system. I look forward to the moment that our reviewer hands in his copy. Because then I can have it back.