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SARTRE project auto drives your car as part of a road train

Imagine a morning commute where you can eat brekkie, work on your laptop, or watch a film – all while being driven autonomously by your car

We’ve often thought trains would better if they took you right to your doorstep – now a new type of train car can do exactly that. The Safe Road Trains for the Environment (SARTRE) project lets you join a car convoy that auto-drives for you – leaving you to catch up on the latest Breaking Bad on your new iPhone 5.

The project aims to create roadtrains called platoons and has already been tested in the UK. All you need to do is use an app and book to join a platoon. Once your car is near to the platoon, led by a professional driver in a lead lorry, it will autonomously be controlled keeping it a safe distance from those in front and steering it in line.

The system, being tested by Volvo, should cost around £1600 to install in your car, if it ever makes it to market. A small price to pay for that rarest commodity: more personal time.

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