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Sega to bring back Dreamcast gems

Rejoice, rejoice. Sega has announced it will start re-releasing its Dreamcast games on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN later this year.The Dreamcast was a fl

The Dreamcast was a flop that ended Sega’s days as a console maker, but what a way to go out. Sega produced a succession of landmark games for the Dreamcast that foreshadowed much of what has followed.

There was the stylish graffiti ’em up Jet Set Radio, the cinematic ambition of Shenmue and the camp dance-a-thon Space Channel 5. Not to forget the techno infused shoot ’em up Rez, Virtua Tennis and the air-borne pirate saga Skies of Arcadia. Or Metropolis Street Racer. Oh, Chu Chu Rocket too.

And…well, anyway you get the picture.

First up on Sega’s re-release list is Sonic Adventure, still the best of the blue hedgehog’s 3D outings, and Crazy Taxi, a fun but ultimately slight offering that is much the same as the taxi missions in Grand Theft Auto.

Hopefully Sega will bring back many more Dreamcast titles including the many critically acclaimed but commerically overlooked games that cemented the Dreamcast’s reputation.

It’ll also be good to see some of the titles that never reached Europe turning up as well such as Seaman, a virtual pet game about a grouchy man-fish thing. And to those of you sniggering at the back, yes I want Seaman.