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Shepard Fairey creates iPhone cases for Incase

Turn your iPhone into a work of art by the chap behind the Obama 'Hope' poster

Shepard Fairey, the artist who created Barack Obama’s iconic ‘Hope’ campaign poster, has palled up with Incase to create a line of iPhone cases, bags and MacBook sleeves.

Fairey has created four designs, ‘Elephant,’ ‘Lotus,’ ‘Grey Yen’ and ‘Red Yen, ‘each of which adorns bags, sleeves and cases for the iPhone, iPod Touch and MacBook.

“The artworks that comprise my series for Incase all overtly or sublimely reflect the concept of Peace,” says Fairey. “Peace is a struggle, but whether the images are ornamental, hopeful, or cautionary, this series promotes harmony.”

Peace doesn’t come cheap though – an iPod Touch case will set you back US$30, a snap case for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S is US$40, canvas sleeves for MacBooks clock in at US$80 and US$90 for the 13in and 15in versions, and a Campus Pack is $150.

Still, that’s pretty cheap for a work of art. The Shepard Fairey cases are available now from the Incase webstore, and will also be on sale in “discerning boutiques” and Apple Stores.

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