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Slimline Nokia PureView phones on the way

Nokia's planning more PureView phones – and they won't be quite as chunky as the 41MP 808 PureView

Nokia’s 808 PureView features a whopping 41MP camera, but cramming those Carl Zeiss optics into a smartphone means it isn’t exactly svelte. But Nokia’s going to put PureView on a diet, revealing to Engadget that it’s considering plans to create slimmer phones using the PureView brand.

Now, making a slimmer PureView phone would mean ditching the 41MP camera that’s the hallmark of the 808 PureView – but Nokia would still use the same Zeiss optics and oversampling techniques to make other PureView phones worthy of the name.

Nokia’s keeping schtum on the possibility of a Windows Phone Lumia PureView. But let’s be honest, it’s pretty much a dead cert – future PureView phones are unlikely to come packing the 808’s outdated Symbian OS.

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