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Some Apple Smart Covers won’t work with the new iPad 3, magnets to blame

Is your iPad 2's Smart Cover not playing nice with your new iPad 3? Blame those crafty magnets...

If you’re the proud owner of a shiny new Apple iPad 3 (reviewed here) then you might have noticed that your iPad 2’s Smart Cover hasn’t been waking your new iPad from sleep as it should.

The problem lies in the new sleep/wake sensor in the new iPad 3, which unlike the iPad 2’s sensor, is sensitive to the polarity of the Smart Cover magnet – a problem explained in detail over at markshangout.

Ultimately, this means that some Smart Covers will have the magnet facing the wrong way and wont work with the new iPad 3, whereas some will work just fine.

The Verge has reported that US Apple stores are offering free replacement Smart Covers for defective ones, but it’s unclear as to what the situation in UK Apple stores is at the moment.

If you’re feeling particularly feisty then you can always make a little incision in your Smart Cover and flip the magnet round yourself, or hold on tight till Apple gets back to us regarding plans for a UK Smart Cover replacement programme.

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