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Sony PlayStation 4 will be more than just a beefed up console

Sony wants the PS4 to be a home entertainment "nerve centre" with mobile connectivity for on-the-go gaming

An unnamed Sony official has told Japanese publication Nikkei that the PlayStation 4 will be an even bigger entertainment hub than its predecessor.

Despite its powerful hardware (which should make the PS4 a formidable match for its Xbox 720 rival), Sony will reportedly be pushing the next-gen PlayStation as a home entertainment “nerve centre” which opens up “new styles of play.”

Whether or not this can be interpreted as a Nintendo Wii U-style controller which offers a less traditional control style remains to be seen, but as long as the standard PlayStation DualShock controller is present and accounted for, we’re more than happy to prance around motion cams and waggle sticks around. It’s all in the name of progress after all.

The PS4 will also be touted as a living room entertainment nerve centre, fighting for the top spot beneath your telly with its ability to connect to all manner of devices from mobile phones to tablets – we expect to see Sony adding some exclusive PS4 connectivity features to its Xperia products, too.

The report also reaffirms talk of a release date this year for the PS4 – but a specific date, month or even season was not mentioned. Join us on February 20th at Sony’s PlayStation event for all the details, where our long wait for the PS4 will – hopefully – be at an end.

[Nikkei via Engadget]

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