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Sony PS Vita Slim: the power of a PS4 in your pocket, and it won’t rip your trousers

With a nip here and a tuck there, the new PS Vita hits UK shores on 7 February

PS Vita? What is this, Groundhog Day?Slim. It’s the PS Vita – Slim. Also known as the PS Vita PCH-2000, if you enjoy a product code.

Ah, it’s gone on a diet then? The 5/2? It’s a fad.
Hey now Sarcastic Sally, while it might look the same from the front, Sony’s managed to shave off 3mm from the original Vita’s 18mm body and –

3mm? Is that all?
…and, if you’d kindly let us finish, a little more besides. The new PS Vita Slim also weighs 40g less and has a newer 5in IPS LCD display, as opposed to the old Vita’s 5in OLED screen.

While the 960×544 resolution remains the same, you’ll prefer the newer screen if you like your colours a little more accurate. A little less bouncy. Kind of a bit less fun.

Apart from those changes, it’s playtime as usual: you can get games on memory card, download direct or stream whetever is playing on your PS4 wherever you can connect via Wi-Fi.

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Won’t the battery life take a hit?
Quite the opposite. Despite both models having the same 2,210mAh battery, Sony says the new PS Vita Slim will last for up to six hours a go, thanks to its more energy-efficient screen.

Not only that, but it’s got 1GB of built-in storage, so no need to faff around with Sony’s proprietary Vita Memory Cards as often. But you will still need to faff with them. What’s wrong with microSD, Sony?

Sounds nice. Sounds expensive.
It’s the same £180 as ever for the Wi-Fi model, but you’ll have to wait a whole week to get it – it hits UK shores on 7 February.

Or you can book a ticket to Japan (where it’s been available for a while) and snap one up there if you’re particularly rich and/or impatient.

And as for your assertion that it’s nice – you’re quite right. Check out our hands-on review of the Sony Vita Slim here.