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Sony reveals new redesigned PlayStation 3 console

The father of the PlayStation has lifted the curtains off of its new PS3 design. Smaller and lighter? You bet it is.

Sony has finally revealed its previously rumoured re-designed PlayStation 3 console at the Tokyo Game Show, and it’s safe to say that someone’s been busy nipping and tucking in the design department.

The new PlayStation 3 console is 20 per cent smaller then the existing version, with 25 per cent less weight to boot.

It will arrive bearing traditional black colours, though if you’re planning a trip to Japan anytime soon you’ll be able to snap one up in white as well.

Storage-wise, the new PlayStation 3 will be rocking upgraded 500GB and 350GB hard drives, replacing the existing 320GB and 160GB models respectively.

UK gamers will also have the option to snap up a cheaper (but still HDD upgradeable) 12GB flash-toting model, though specific UK pricing deals have been kept under wraps for the time being.

The hard drive models are set to hit shelves on September 28th while the flash-toting 12GB model will launch on October 12th. Game on.

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