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Standard Surface 3 with full Windows reportedly launching soon

Microsoft may make another low-end tablet play, this time with decent software included

Windows RT has more or less been kicked to the curb, as Microsoft revealed that devices running the half-baked operating system won’t get the Windows 10 upgrade (although they’ll get some sort of update). But the common Surface line apparently isn’t done for good.

WinBeta reports that Microsoft is on the verge of announcing a brand new Surface 3, which will continue the lower-end official Windows tablet line. According to the article, it will continue to be differentiated from the Pro line, which made its best splash to date with last year’s Surface Pro 3.

Better yet, the new tablet is expected to feature a full version of Windows, meaning it’ll run the same apps as Pro tablets and computers, and not be so rigidly limited like RT is. WinBeta says the device will be fanless and run either an Intel Atom or Core M processor.

The expected timing is interesting: rather than wait until Windows 10 launches this summer, the Surface 3 will reportedly be launched at or before the Build conference late next month, with a release soon thereafter. As such, it’ll likely debut with Windows 8.1 installed, but an upgrade to Windows 10 is assured.

The Surface 2 especially (the original Surface RT is pictured above) was a nicely capable entry-level Windows tablet, although the decision to use RT limited its usefulness and ultimately shortened its lifespan in the Microsoft ecosystem. Hopefully this purported Surface 3 can keep some of the quality exhibited by the Pro 3, albeit with lower specs and a more appealing price point.

[Source: WinBeta]