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Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 11/02/13

Fancy dropping US$25,000 on a giant Robocop mech? How about a Spotified love poem? Office Cat has you covered

Spotify shares the love

While Office Cat abhors Valentine’s day and the soppy commercially-induced emotional blackmail associated with it, those of you weak enough to succumb to the card companies might want to use Spotify’s new playlist poetry feature to create poems from song titles. The ideal solution if your beloved is allergic to chocolate.

HTC M7 to be called the HTC One?

The latest rumour to reach Office Cat’s tech-sensitive ears is that HTC’s upcoming quad-core M7 handset will simply launch as the HTC One. No letters, no numbers – just ‘One’. Despite the confusing moniker, Office Cat has high hopes for the full HD 4.7in quad-core handset which promises ‘ultrapixel’ camera tech, and he can’t wait to wrap his paws around it.

Source: EVLeaks

Buy a full-size Robocop ED-209 on eBay

Office Cat tends to use eBay for small purchases like ping pong balls and laser pens, but if you’re looking for something a little more robust to play with then you might want to snap up this 10 foot tall Robocop 2 ED-209 replica. Featuring original pneumatic leg cylinders and electrical wiring (with no guarantee of smooth operation), it can be yours from a tasty US$25,000. Time to get that second mortgage…

Source: Pocket Lint

Killzone 4 incoming

Killzone 4 is expected to be announced at the Sony PlayStation 4 launch on February 20th according to VideoGamer’s industry source. The shooter is expected to satiate the blood lust of early adopters as a launch title, which will give PlayStation fans something meaty to sink their teeth into from the get-go.

Source: Video Gamer

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