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Stuff Office Cat’s Diary 12/01/13

Facebook flu, Amazon AutoRip and more CES news make up today's feline musings

Turtle Beach’s new gaming headsets

A trio of Turtle Beach headsets have appeared at CES – the Ear Force Z SEVEN, XP SEVEN and PX22. The Z SEVEN’s provide uncompressed sound via USB on both Windows and Mac while an external USB audio unit can let you take calls mid-gaming marathon. The XP SEVEN has similar features but throws in Xbox 360 and PS3 compatibility. Finally, the PX22’s 50mm drivers and adjustable treble and bass should cater for a wide variety of ears, while its detachable amplifier can be used with portable handhelds, tablets and smartphones.

Amazon AutoRip launches

Amazon has launched a new service called AutoRip which will let US customers automatically keep digital copies of their CDs in their Amazon Cloud Player account. Customers who have bought supported CDs from the online shopping giant from 1998 will be able to build up their online library without any pesky ripping. With 50,000 CDs supported, Office Cat hopes the new service hits the UK soon.

Gigabyte reveals full HD IPS tablet

Gigabyte has unveiled the S1185 – a full HD IPS display Windows 8 tablet powered by Intel’s latest third gen silicon. VGA and HDMI ports offer easy big screen connectivity while a magnetically attachable keyboard kit serves up portable productivity.

Facebook flu app helps point the blame

“Help, I Have the Flu” is a new Facebook app which detects key words like ‘sneezing’ and ‘coughing’ to see which of your friends are ill, and which of them are likely suspects in giving you your own sniffly nose. Simply click the ‘who made me sick’ button and gather the list of potential culprits, before quarantining yourself to avoid the same accusations yourself.

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