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Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 17/04/13

A new HTC phone, a classy iPhone Barbour jacket, an indestructible handset and new Onkyo headphones make up today's news roundup

Onkyo outs new cable-swapping headphones

Onkyo has announced a new range of on-ear and in-ear headphones, both of which feature detachable cables for hassle-free replacement. The £180 on-ear ES-HF300’s 40mm titanium drivers promise clear mid/high range sounds while a bass sub-chamber should handle low rumblings with ease. £150 will net you the ES-FC300s which are identical, except they’ll arrive with a lower-grade, tangle-free cable. The two in-ear models – the £130 IE-HF300 and the IE-FC300 are also separated by an audiophile-grade cable, though you could always upgrade them at a later date if your ears fancy it. The over-ears will hit shelves on April 22nd, with the in-ears following around a month later.

Sphero rolls around the world

While Office cat enjoys chasing Sphero in and around the Stuff Office, he’s not sure he could keep up with its inorganic fitness levels forever. Which is why it’s no surprise to hear that all the Spheros in the world combined have managed to roll around the equivalent distance of the Earth’s 24,901 mile circumference.

Mid-range HTC 606w handset leaked

HTC appears to have a new handset joining its fresh-faced HTC One and HTC First devices. The leaked HTC 606w will serve up Android on a 4.5in 960×540 display, quad-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and an regular (not Ultrapixel) 8MP camera. Stay tuned for release and pricing information.

Source: Engadget

Cat B15 phone is tougher than you

Apart from having an excellent name, the £300 Cat B15 boasts superphone abilities like being able to survive 1.8 metre drops as well as fending off dust and scratches with ease. You can even submerge it in up to one metre of water for 30 minutes if you like, and can still use the screen with wet fingers. All it needs now is a tabby colour scheme…

Proporta reveals classy Barbour iPhone 5 case and Camera Demon helmet mount

Office Cat has no need for an iPhone. But if he did, he’d probably kit it out in a classic Barbour case to match his (non-existent) green Hunter wellington boots. Sure it’s £40, but can one really put a price on style? On the other end of the spectrum is Proporta’s new £25 Camera Demon helmet mount which will let you attach any compact cam to a helmet to record your manic death-defying actions, hands-free.

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