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Stuff survey reveals £200 is the cost of gadgets gifts

Christmas is the time to spend all your hard-earned bread on other people. But choosing the right tech for the right people can be a challenge and a h

To find out how much you like to spend on your friends and family, Stuff went stealth to survey the great British public and find out how much you’re happy to part with to put smiles on faces this year.

A whopping 36 per cent of the people we surveyed spent between £100 and £300 choosing the ideal tech for their loved ones.

That’s enough notes for a Nintendo Wii (£180), maybe a Blu-ray player (from £250), or the thumping great big 160GB iPod Classic (£230).

That was closely followed by 20 per cent of you who spent up to £100 on your buds and rellies. For 100 smackers you could bag a Nintendo DS (£95), a Goodmans 1104HDAB hi-fi (£80), a Nabaztag Wi-Fi rabbit (£95), even the sexy Nixon Metal Atom wrist watch (£100).

Almost 11 per cent of you made the rest of us look bad by spending over £500 on all your mates. That’s some serious kit sitting under trees this year – that’s anything from the legendary iPhone (£200+) to a Commodore XX gaming PC (£2750), via a Sony KDL-46X200 HD TV (£1870) and the Arcam Solo combo amp (£1060). We might have to spend Christmas with you next year.

Around 10 per cent of you liked to keep the budget a bit more realistic with a £20 limit, while 15 per cent more of you upped that to £50. A respectable sum like that could bag your pals a Creative Zen V Plus (£40+), any top video game for Xbox, PS3 or Wii, or maybe a nice DVD box set.

If you’re still stuck for what to get those special folks in your lives/phonebooks/house/street, then take a gander at our Christmas Gift Guide. It has all the answers.