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The Samsung Galaxy A12 is an Android treat for just £145 this Black Friday

Get a cheeky £25 off an already great value phone

There’s few better times of the year to shop for a new phone than Black Friday, and anyone after a powerful yet ultra affordable handset is in luck today, as Currys has a fantastic deal on one of Samsung’s best value Galaxy devices.

Head over to Currys right now and you can get the Samsung Galaxy A12 for just £145 – saving a cheeky £25 on what was already a really cheap SIM-free mobile.

Originally £170, the Galaxy A12 is top of Samsung’s entry-level phone range and features a bright 6.5-inch screen, quad-camera system on the rear, and 5000mAh battery under the hood. That’s a pretty powerful spec sheet for just £145 – and it doesn’t fall short in terms of looks, either.

Its back features a stylish brushed two tone design, again punching well above its weight for the price, while that battery cell consistently proves up to the task of powering you through the day and then some – it really is one of the Galaxy A12’s best features.

As such, we’d recommend the Galaxy A12 to all sorts of people, but would say it made a particularly great first phone for children and teens. Really though, it’s for anyone who just wants a darn good phone without breaking the bank.

It may lack some bells and whistles, but it does all of the essentials well: browing the web, streaming most kinds of content, emails, social media, basic games, and good amateur photography are all in its comfort zone.

If it’s a truly premium blower you want, then you should also know that Amazon has currently knocked up to £150 off the Galaxy S21’s price for Black Friday – but you’re still looking at a good few hundred quid more than for the A12.

Alternatively, have a proper browse around everything Currys has to offer…