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Three serves up unlimited EU data for a fiver

Euro Internet Pass will save you from whopping data bills on your hols – but it'll set you back a fiver a day

Mobile operator Three launches its Euro Internet Pass today, enabling pay monthly contract users to browse the web with unlimited data for £5 a day.

When you arrive in Europe, you’ll get a SMS with a link to the http://mobile.three.co.uk/europass site (which is free to use abroad). Switch off push notifications, turn on roaming and pop the link into your brower, and you’ll be able to buy your data allowance – otherwise it’ll cost you £1.28 per MB to use data.

Some countries such as Switzerland and Norway aren’t included in the deal – there’s a full list here.

At £5 a day it’s still quite pricey – though if you’re a heavy user it’ll work out cheaper than even the cut-price EU rates that come into force on July 1st (70c plus VAT per MB). For a short trip, though, it could be just the ticket.

[via The Next Web]

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