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Toshiba 84in 4K TV release date set for this summer

Our eyes are screaming yes. But our wallets? Our wallets are screaming, crying and pleading with us not to take out a second mortgage.

Planning to win the lottery? Perhaps you’ve got a bank heist in the works. No matter what get rich quick scheme you’ve got brewing, you’ll want to hurry things along if you ever want to treat your peepers to the 4K Ultra HD eye-gasmic visuals of Toshiba’s 84in 4K 9 series telly.

Offering a staggering 3840×2160 resolution on a room-dominating 84in passive 3D display, this gargantuan, monstrous hunk of visual indulgence is also able to intelligently upscale existing 1080p content. A welcome trick given the lack of mainstream 4K content.

Toshiba’s shiny new Cloud TV service will also be gracing the tellies’ innards, serving up personalised content including catchup TV form the likes of BBC iPlayer as well as streaming services like Netflix and Deezer.

Throw in Intel Wi-Di multiscreen connectivity as well as a capable web browser and you’ve got yourself quite the display to do your next-gen PS4 games justice.

The 84in, 65in and 58in 9 series models will land this summer, for a ‘if you have to ask, you can’t afford it’ price tag. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some kidneys to sell.

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