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Toshiba whips up 128GB HDD and super-charging battery

Toshiba’s been hard at work brewing up a new flash hard drive. It’s come up with a 128GB card – that’s eight times the size of

No surprise, really, but Tosh is keeping schtum on when this silky drive will find its way into Tosh products. But we reckon it won’t be long, considering the prices of flash memory is dropping faster than a lead weight attached to an elephant. It’ll be laptops first, then maybe HDD recorders.

Elsewhere in Toshiba-land, the company has spawned what it claims is the fastest-charging battery ever. Tosh reckons its Super Charge ion Batteries (SCiBs) can do a 90 per cent charge in just five minutes. And they’re still meant to last as long as your average rechargeable – ages.

Unfortunately, they’re just for cars at the moment. Seriously, get your priorities right, Tosh!


Toshiba flash memory and rechargeable battery

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