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The Tranquility Pod will gently vibrate you to sleep

Recharge yourself by nestling within this comfortable cocoon from the future

Is that an alien egg?

Don’t be silly, aliens don’t exist. Not until these people say so at least. It’s a Tranquility Pod. What do you mean you’ve never heard of one? Something similar already exists, and it looks like these human charging docks will be a legit category of furniture for the ultra-rich in the future.

That picture alone is making me feel very snoozy…

You’re not alone. If its image is enough to induce sleep, imagine what it’d be like to cuddle up in one of these fibreglass-clad wombs.

Within it lies a suede-wrapped large memory foam cushion sits on top of a temperature-controlled waterbed to gently rock you to… zzzzz. Sorry, we drifted off again.

Its egg-like structure blocks out most of the sound and you also get to stream your music from its four-speaker sound system which gently vibrates through the waterbed. If that isn’t enough to lull you to sleep, the 50 LEDs dotting the inside walls of the pod should do the job.

Only the Tranquility Pod knows your heart.


The biofeedback system of the pod uses a sensor to read your heartbeat and synchronise it to drive the rhythm of the lights for the ultimate mood lighting. You will feel like you have retreated deep into yourself, the only place where no one and their ridiculous demands can get to you. Only the Tranquility Pod knows your heart.

Consume me, mighty Tranquility Pod!

Not so fast, big spender. Unless you have money bags in the excess of US$30,000 stashed somewhere, we’re afraid you’ll have to join us on the sidewalk, with our faces pressed against the window.

Or you could always convince HR that this is the perfect investment for the office lounge. Good luck getting them to buy that.

[Source: Hammacher Schlemmer via CoolThings]