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Twitter is working on a new feature that lets you write articles

Get ready for long-form content

Ask anyone what Twitter’s most known for, and they’ll say the tweet character limit. Well, actually they might say arguments, but that’s besides the point. In a move nobody would have expected, it appears Twitter is working on a new feature that will let users write full articles on the platform.

Jane Manchun Wong, a security researcher and upcoming Twitter features detective, discovered a new page on the Twitter app called Twitter Articles.

From the looks of the page, Twitter is working on a feature that allows users to write articles within Twitter. As the name suggests, these will most likely be long-form articles rather than a new type of tweet.

There’s not much more we can gather about the upcoming feature, as there wasn’t much else to see on the hidden page. It would be safe to assume that the feature would also bring with it a way to read these articles, but we’re yet to see how that would work.

Wong has an incredibly strong track record, having accurately found and reported on Twitter features in the past before they launched.

In this instance, Twitter actually confirmed the feature’s existence in a statement to CNET, saying the platform would “share more details soon”. Of course, as Twitter Articles isn’t available yet, the company’s plans might change between now and the feature’s release.

Currently, users have to opt for a Twitter thread to write content outside of the 280-character limit. Threads are multiple tweets stitched together in replies, to essentially amount to one super long tweet. Though, they’re not always easy to read, with users having to scroll through replies.

We know that last year, Twitter acquired Revue, a newsletter writing app. Currently, Twitter has a feature that lets users easily add a Revue newsletter to their bio. Perhaps Twitter Articles will embed Revue further into the social platform in article form rather than newsletter form.

Exactly how Twitter Articles will look and function remains to be seen. But, we are excited about a new way to share content on the social platform. Perhaps this feature will see a resurgence in blogging for individuals.

Image by Marten Bjork from Unsplash