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Ultimate set up – in-flight

The best tech for flying, packed into a flight case, stowed in an locker and served lukewarm on a plastic tray. Chicken or fish?

Flying. No one likes it. But you can take the sting out by putting these in your hand luggage…

Rowallan messenger bag

£113, blokesbags.co.uk

Face it ‚you’ve either got to look ridiculous arriving at Gatwick in your Bermuda shorts, or look ridiculous at the other end wearing your jeans and jumper. At least your bag can help you style out the transition. This one has a plethora of pockets for all your in-flight paraphernalia

Bose QC3 headphones

£300, www.bose.co.uk

For a country with such a rubbish selection of airlines, Americans really know how to fly. And they all have a pair of Bose QC3s, which were designed for the gadgeteer who wants to cut out the drone of a pair of jet engines and a cabin pressurisation system. Plus, they’re as comfortable as a faux-leather airport lounge massage chair.

Amazon Kindle

£110, amazon.co.uk

Amazon’s new Kindle is finally paperback cheap (well, compared with everything else it is). It’ll hold some 3,500 books, so you don’t need to choose what to read during the flight until after the seatbelt signs have been extinguished. And there’s the option of a case with its own light if you’re travelling overnight.

Survival bracelet

£22, firebox.com

Nervous traveller? This survival bracelet is made from military-grade parachute cord, and while it’s slightly worrying to think that civilian skydivers might have some inferior material on their ‘chutes, it’s also comforting to know you’ve got something strong to bind your case back together when you spot your pants flying solo on the baggage carousel.

Proporta USB TurboCharger 1200 World Pack

£30, www.proporta.co.uk

If you spend the entire journey playing Angry Birds, your phone will run out of juice regardless of spending the trip in flight mode. And that means when your hotel transfer doesn’t turn up, you’re going to have to roam a foreign airport, looking for foreign coins to put in a foreign payphone. No thanks. Pack the Proporta and travel worry-free.