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Ultimate Setup – Bonfire Night

Get your pyro fix with the help of our guide to the best kit

Crackling wood, the whine and pop of fireworks, the faint smell of gunpowder – Bonfire Night is upon us again. Bag this lot and make it one to remember, remember…

Launch Kontrol – Remote Firework Lancher

£20, maplin.co.uk

Ostensibly, the benefit of using a remote control launcher for your fireworks is safety. And while we’re as keen as the next pyromaniac on keeping our fingers out of harm’s way, the truth is that the appeal of Launch Kontrol is the possibility of rigging up a pro-level show in the back garden. Jealous neighbours come free of charge.


Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector

£130, firebox.com

Indoor fireworks are rubbish. They smell nasty and most of them end up looking like weasel poo on a plate. We’re not convinced this Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector will give you an equivalent show to what you’d get with £130 of proper fireworks, but not everyone has outdoor space. And brightly coloured lightshows beat weasel poo every time.


Light Show Stick

£5, thediscoverystore.com

Ah, the innocent sparkler. Always guaranteed to give you 30 seconds of simple arm-waving pleasure. Fun fact – they can also burn hot enough to melt steel and are responsible for most Bonfire Night injuries. For a safer (and longer lasting) pyrotechnic thrill, try this alternative sparkler that can also be used next time you’re going raving.


Zippo Hand Warmer

£20, zippo-windproof.co.uk

Don’t worry, we’re not advising you to set your hands on fire to keep them warm. Although this offering is from the lighter legends at Zippo, its purpose is purely to keep your mitts toasty. A single fill of refillable lighter fluid produces 12 hours of radiating (and importantly, flameless) warmth, which should be more than long enough for any chilly fireworks display.



£50, firebox.com

The Firewinder is yet another item to add to the ever-growing ‘useless-but-irresistible’ list. The wind-powered spiral’s LEDs glow with increasing intensity the faster it spins, creating a mesmerising column of spiralling light. Forget the fussy Catherine wheel, whack this up and enjoy the hypnotically trippy goodness all year round.

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