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Ultimate Setup – Festival kit

Festival season is upon us, here's our essentials for surviving a tent-based music mega-event

Eton Rukus Solar

£150 nevadaradio.co.uk

A quality stereo speaker that not only streams music via Bluetooth, but also charges your phone using its built-in solar panel. Very handy.

Lockdown Outdoor Stash-Box

£40 firebox.com

Screw this clever safe into the ground, lock the lid on top and your gadgets and valuables are safe from anyone who doesn’t have a JCB.

SealSkinz socks

£35 sealskinz.com

Wellies: bad people wee in them while you’re asleep. These knee-high socks are waterproof, breathable and a much safer option.

Earplug selection pack

£15 snorestore.co.uk

If you don’t regularly use them then you have no idea which earplugs fit you best – get this try-’em-all pack and you’ll sleep through anything.

Burton Beeracuda

£20 | burton.com

A handy insulated sling for storing a gig’s worth of beer and keeping it cool – and making you look like a pudgy, low-rent Rambo.

Pac-man poncho

£5 | red5.co.uk

Staves off the inevitable rain and provides the opportunity to chase your friends around a crowd while saying “waka waka waka”.

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