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Ultimate setup – kitchen

Inspired to notch up a few handy kitchen skills by the glut of celebrity chefs and never-not-on-telly Masterchef, we've decided to get cooking. But

Inspired to notch up a few handy kitchen skills by the glut of celebrity chefs and never-not-on-telly Masterchef, we’ve decided to get cooking. But first, to the gadget shop…

Tefal Toast n Bacon

£35, Tefal

Here’s the situation: you love toasted bacon sarnies, but are also lazy and incapable of using the toaster and a frying pan at the same time. Well, the Toast n Bacon lives up to its name by enabling you to toast a couple of slices of bread at the top whilst grilling some rashers at the bottom. The grill can also be used for cooking sausages, mushrooms or tomatoes – and of course grilling grub is much healthier than frying it in a gallon of oil.


Boardcaster chopping board

£30, Prezzybox

Perhaps we’re stretching the definition of gadget to include the Boardcaster, but when something is this cool, who cares if it has any circuit boards in its guts? Quite simply a chopping board in the shape of a Fender Telecaster body, it’s guaranteed to prove a hit with culinary types who love Springsteen as much as they love spring onions.

Nespresso CitiZ Dot NY

£165, Amazon

Aside from a few weirdo health nuts, who doesn’t like a great cup of coffee? Well, you don’t have to trek up your local High Street to get one: just buy a proper espresso machine and you can mainline hot black nectar until you start bouncing off your kitchen walls. The super stylish limited edition CitiZ Dot NY turns out lovely espressos and comes adorned with artwork conjuring up one of the world’s great coffee capitals, New York.


Salter 1200 CD scale

£24, Amazon

Every aspiring chef needs a quality set of scales – how are you going to bake a cake without one? – and Salter offers one that not only accurately measures weight but also features a thermometer. It displays its info on a separate wall-mounted unit, freeing up worktop space. Oh, and it looks a heck of a lot like a CD. Well, ish.


Cuisinart Overstuffed Sandwich Maker

£50, Cuisinart

The average British sandwich consists of a semi-transparent slice of reformed ham between two spongy slices of Warburtons, but the Yanks have a better idea: cram as much meat, salad and relish as you can, even if it makes the resulting sarnie nearly impossible to eat without a knife and fork. This sandwich toaster lets you create these tasty savoury behemoths, with its extra deep pockets enabling you to create the sort of snack that turned Elvis into a tubster.


Bugatti Vera kettle

£195, Amazon

Not only does Bugatti make the Veyron, one of the world’s most desirable cars, it also puts it name on the Vera, one of the world’s most desirable kettles. This sleek slice of industrial design loveliness features one-touch opening, electronic water temperature control, a clock and a self-timer to automatically boil the water in perfect time for your tea break.

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