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Ultimate Setup – Nintendo Wii

Get the most out of your Wii with these essential add-ons

Multiply the joy that your little white fun box gives you by kitting it out with these essential accoutrements.


Competition Pro Quad Charge Dock £23


All that furious indoor sporting action will surely wear you out, but if you’ve got the stamina for all-day gaming, you’re going to need some backup. This charging station comes with four rechargeable battery packs so you can make sure you always have a spare handy.

Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board £74


What makes the Wii special is its ability to appeal to every member of your family, or just you, at different times of day and in different moods. When you fancy a bit of calming yoga, or just a bit of a tone-up, you can slide your Wii-fit board out from under the sofa and go for it.

New Super Mario Bros £35


Taking Mario back to his roots, New Super Mario Bros again puts the portly plumber in a 2D side-scrolling world. But this time up to four people can play at once. Simple, chaotic and ingenious fun.

SanDisk 8GB SD memory card £13


To make full use of the Wii’s downloadable content, you need to get yourself a memory card. At a whopping 8GB, you should have room for plenty on this little card.

Official Nintendo Wii Classic Controller £15


While the Wii-mote is what makes the Wii great, there are times (and games) that call for a more traditional controller. Play Super Mario Bros as it was meant to be played.