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Unboxed – HTC Desire HD

What's the latest Android flagship like in the flesh?

HTC’s Desire HD has dashed over to Stuff Towers to stop us cooing over Windows Phone 7 phones. But what’s the Android flagship like in the flesh?

Our sample’s box was minimalist, to say the least. Just a paltry micro USB cable and a mains adaptor inside. Oh, and the Desire HD.  

And here it is. First impressions? The bright 4.3in touchscreen is unquestionably the killer feature, and there are no issues with lag either despite the 800×480 resolution. 

The Desire HD is a superbly built phone with a satisfying heft, and the only hard button apart from ‘power’  is the volume rocker on the side. It’s very much about iPhone minimalism.

There’s a small bulge for the 8MP camera on the back, but not enough to snag on pockets. It’s flanked by a dual LED flash, but we hope it’s a step up from HTC’s previously disappointing phone snappers.

 The Desire HD runs Android 2.2 Froyo with HTC Sense out of the box. This means a plethora of widgets like Friend Stream, though these can be moved and removed.

The 4.3in screen is perfect for web browsing sessions, though Stuff.tv mysteriously had its sides chopped off in landscape.

Look out for our full HTC Desire HD review very soon.