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Unboxed – new Xbox 360

We've got our hands on Microsoft's post-diet console – and teased the new Xbox from its packaging

Launched at E3, the latest Xbox 360 has arrived, and we couldn’t wait to rip off its packaging. Here goes…

The box. Not much we can say about that, so without further ado…

… it’s open. There’s that sliced-side hourglass figure. “Jump in,” says the box. Well, okay then.


See that? That’s the new Xbox whirring into life. Okay, not whirring. It’s deadly silent (as far as we can tell with the air-conditioning running). The touch-sensitive power switch is fun. Not exactly a new idea for a console, though. At least they’ve added it to the eject button, too.


Didn’t believe us, did you? The tray ejects after a light touch. Right, we’re off to plumb this thing into some serious AV kit and start putting together the review. Watch this space…

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