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Unleash your inner Hendrix with the iPhone-powered gTar

Serious shredders look away, this one's just for us hapless string twangers

If you’re the proud owner of a Les Paul or a vintage Strat then look away now, for the gTar might just be sacrilege in your eyes.

Essentially an electric guitar with its pickups gutted out and replaced with an iPhone dock, the gTar is geared at those looking for an easier way to start off their journey to rock stardom.

The frets light up to provide guidance for novice string strummers on what note to play (courtesy of an accompanying app). Plus you can use them to create a rave-like night display, to spice up even the dullest of summer garden parties.

On the easy difficulty setting, strumming the string alone is enough to play the correct note. Crank it up however and you’ll have to whizz around the fret board as you would on a real guitar.

The gTar isn’t on shelves yet – it’s a Kickstarter project – but its creators have managed to raise plenty more than their US$100,000 goal, so watch this space.

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