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This is what the Apple iWatch will really look like

New iWatch render based on Apple patents shows off circular design and spiral UI

The iRumour Mill’s been rather busy cranking out Apple iWatch rumours over the past few months and we’ve already created our list of five things we want to see from the iWatch when (or if) it’s released. But we’re not the only ones with iWatch on the brain.

Designer Nickolay Lamm was commissioned by MyVoucherCodes founder Mark Pearson to create a render of what the iWatch could look like after an increase in searches for the device on the site. The result is the sleek and circular design you see above, with a spiral icon UI.

Lamm’s inspiration for the iWatch was taken from designer Marc Newson’s Ikepod Geneve Horizon watch – Sir Jony Ive’s timepiece of choice. Considering that they’re good friends, there’s certainly scope for Ive to draw on its minimalist, circular design for the Apple iWatch.

And as for the spiral app icons? They’re from a 2010 Apple patent which outlines a swirly iTunes interface. While we’re glad that never made it to fruition on full-size computers, it could work on a small, circular device. Like, say, a watch.

A second patent also describes the ability to arrange iApp icons on your desktop, which Lamm has translated to his design by offering iWatch control on a paired iPhone – which makes more sense than fiddling around with a small screen on your wrist.

Whether or not the iWatch (or indeed the Samsung Galaxy Altius watch) will ever be more than speculative wisps of vapourware remains to be seen – but between wrist computers and Google’s Project Glass, it looks like we’ll be donning wearable gadgets sooner rather than later.

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