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Why iOS 6 Maps is better than Google Maps

Google Maps is about to be shown how it’s done as Apple’s Maps delivers super smooth zooming and panning

We all knew Apple was breaking away from Google by ditching its Map and introducing its own Maps service in iOS 6. We didn’t realise how good it would be.

Apple has bought up several mapping companies in an attempt to not only replace but improve on Google Maps. One way it does this is by using vector maps which – rather than using layered images at different zoom levels like Google – shows data represented as mathematical lines. That means no more waiting for blocks to load as you zoom in, instead scaling will happen smoothly because it’s being rendered live.

Another great advantage is loading huge areas for offline use. Sure Google has offline mode now but that requires downloading the whole route. iOS 6 Maps will let you search an area, say London, then from that large image you’ll be able to zoom in and out without loading more.

It’ll even let you zoom in and out of nearby areas you haven’t loaded. For example loading San Francisco on iOS 6 Maps gave over 300 miles south and 335 miles north all the way down to street level. By comparison Google Maps managed only 35 miles and you couldn’t zoom.

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[Via AppleInsider]

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