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Wii Fit hits planet Earth

Ever since Nintendo cottoned on to the fact that Wii and DS can be used to affect some kind of improvement onto people’s lifestyles, the Japanes

The highly anticipated Wii Fit is no exception. After its warmish reception at this year’s E3 gaming expo, the Wii Fit board has sent eyebrows northward and finger tips onto scalps for a bit of scratching.

Basically, it’s a white plastic board, aka the Wii Balance Board, you stand on and jump about on. It measures things like balance, poise, weight, dexterity and various other motions, to tell you how to improve any of the above.

Wii Fit lets you choose between a spot of yoga, some muscle toning and aerobic and balance exercises. What else it might be used for in the future remains to be seen.

We’re holding out for a snowboarding game, or Knightmare – you know, the ITV classic. Or an S-Club dance routine game, ‘Don’t stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top…’.

It’s available right now on import at Play Asia for a tender $190 (£95), but it’s for NTSC Wiis only. Be warned.

A UK release has been scheduled for 2008, but Nintendo UK won’t be more specific than that.


Wii Fit

Price: $190 (£95)

On sale: Out Now Japan, 2008 for UK

Contact: Nintendo Japan

Contact: Play Asia