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Winter Survival – On the Street

Let’s face it, the British winter is miserable. Bitter winds, freezing rain and icy pavements. The solution? Kit yourself out with the right gea

Craghoppers All Season



Fashion normally requires sacrifices. Whether its crippling shoes, dangerously sharp haircuts or retina-melting colours, there’s always a downside to looking timely. Craghoppers’ All Season jacket isn’t haute couture but it is perfect high street fare and built to survive the winter with water repellency technology normally reserved for outdoorsy types.

True Utility LockLite



Here at Stuff, we see gadgets that would have resided right at the edge of imagination even five years ago. But the simple ideas are often the best, and a key-mounted torch that provides illumination for locks shrouded in darkness is the purest form of genius.

Philips SHN5500



The angry noise of the city needn’t stifle your seasonal enjoyment. These behind-the-head cans feature electronic noise cancellation that promises to cut out a fair whack of the winter sales caterwauling.Archos 605 WiFi



It’s time to pull out the big entertainment guns. This Archos (right) packs 160GB of storage – enough for months of music and days of movie. If you tire of that, you can even nip into a coffee shop and enjoy the spoils of the web over Wi-Fi.

MPI Heat Sox Battery Powered Socks



Unless you’re as cash-laden as a lotto winning Roman and therefore can afford to migrate to warmer climes, you’ll be stuck in chilly blighty for the winter. So make that s trudge through the cold, dark winter months a bit more comfortable with these rather dandy heated socks from MPI. Toasty.

DS Lite



Playing games on the move could be dangerous, but if you’re stuck on a cold bus going home from the shops, waggle your hands around and keep warm with a DS. Also, play with strangers. But only with your DS.