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Would you trust this 3D-printed snowboard?

Hurtling down a mountain on a homemade snowboard sound like your ideal adrenaline fix? You're in luck

How would you feel about plummeting down a white powdered moutain at high speeds on a slab of plastic that you designed, printed out and assembled yourself?

The adrenaline junkies over at Signal Snowboards are fearless by nature, and have taken up the challenge – 3D printing out full-sized snowboard pieces out of carbon-based powder and bonding them with resin.

With the addition of a few metal support rods and binding attachments, the plastic slabs are – allegedly – transformed into a real-life snow surfer.

Check out the video below for the creation process and demo, where the board holds up remarkably well. Which is more than we can say for ourselves, were we to try riding it.

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