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WowWee Roboscooper tidies up for you

Roombas are great, but they don't have arms, do they?

Good news for lazy robot-lovers out there – the WowWee Roboscooper has arrived!

The lovechild of Robosapien and Big Trak, Roboscooper roams around looking for things to pick up and load up on his wagon.

You can choose from two modes – in auto he’ll grab and load up whatever he sees; in manual mode you have full driving control and can attempt tricky pickups while humming the Bob the Builder theme tune to yourself.

Apparently Roboscooper’s wheels will take it “over most terrain”, though it’s probably a bad idea to take him to the park. We can only imagine what he’d find to pick up…

Roboscooper is out this month in the US for $70, and we imagine you’ll be able to scoop one up in the UK very soon.

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