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Xbox Live UK to get DivX streaming and HD downloads?

This week the US gets a mouth-watering update to Xbox Live. Amongst the many sparkly bells and multi-coloured whistles to be pumped directly to the co

Not only does it look like the UK is in for the same treatment, but rumours are we’ll finally get sexy 720p hi-def downloads with our next update due this week. Microsoft’s PR company confirmed to Stuff there would be a UK update announced this week, possibly tomorrow.

DivX and Xvid are two of the most popular codecs in online land, used for compressing large video files into manageable sizes and whizzing them around the net. Xbox fans have been asking for this support for yonks, and it’ll mean no more parping around with suspicious streaming software to get them to run.

As for high-definition downloads of TV shows and movies, it’s been a staple feature of Xbox Live in the US since last November, so it’s about time we got in on that crisp viewing action.

Amongst the other features lined up for America’s Fall Xbox Live update will be the ability to check your friends’ contact list and to remove unwanted demo sessions on your gamerscore list. There’s also going to be cheaper Live Arcade titles under a kind of ‘Best Of Arcade’ banner – in the US they’re calling it Arcade Hits.

And they’re getting full original Xbox games lined up for download, from Halo to Crash Bandicoot, for 1200 Microsoft points a pop – which is about £14.

We’re still awaiting word from Microsoft on when these updates will hit Blighty Xboxes exactly, but sometime before Christmas would be a very nice present indeed. Very nice.


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