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YouTube improves video quality with one click

Make your YouTube videos look less amateur with its new dummy-proof editing feature

Let’s face it, amateur YouTube videos are painful on the eyes. But if you can’t afford a tripod or have a knack for recording poorly lit video, there is a solution to those dark and shaky videos, thanks to YouTube’s one-click fix.

The Google-owned video site has announced a nifty tool designed to help improve video quality. So, if your homemade masterpieces are on sketchy side, this new feature can automatically detect problems, then colour correct and stabilise shaky footage for you.

When you upload a video that could do with a bit of touching up, look for the notification bar on the Upload page and in your Video Manager. Simply clicking the button fixes the video and offers up a side-by-side preview so you can decide if you want to keep the edits.

If you have a sudden change of heart, you can always return to the original unedited version, as YouTube stashes away both copies.

YouTube rolled out its Video Editor last year, allowing you to easily edit brightness, stabilisation and colour saturation. The new feature is a quick video fix that will do all of the aforementioned for you.

Mobile users won’t be able to trigger this feature, so for now, YouTube’s new feature remains exclusive to laptops and desktops.

This new YouTube feature will be rolled out to users over the next few days. Time to start rounding up those shaky videos, perhaps?

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