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Panasonic Lumix DMCLZ2 review

This camera may be weighty but it sets itself apart with a 6x zoom – equivalent to a 222mm telephoto on a film camera

It’s the 6x zoom that sets this camera apart; it’s equivalent to a 222mm telephoto on a film camera.

The LZ2 is not a superslim design but it’s still very compact and, like other Panasonics, it incorporates an image stabiliser.

At 178g, this is a heavy weight: it’s not a slip in your handbag on a Friday night number. If you want style, choose something else.


If you want everyday practicality, though, the LZ2’s ideal. The controls are straightforward, the LCD’s good (though 85,000 pixels isn’t really enough) and the picture quality is first rate.


It runs on a pair of AAs, too, so emergency power’s easy to come by. If practicality, versatility and value are high on your wish list, this is your winner.

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Score: 5/5