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Primare Studio 140 review

ProAc has launched a mission to prove that ordinary looks needn’t mean ordinary performace. Keep an eye on the quiet ones, eh?

At first glance, these ProAcs look ordinary. And in most ways, they are. The Studio 140s don’t boast any exotic ingredients: their cabinets are just tall, well-built wooden boxes, while their drive units have no unusual materials or design quirks to make rival manufacturers insecure – or even curious.

The perfect recipe?

Yet, rather like a master chef cooking with the most prosaic of everyday ingredients, ProAc’s engineers have served up something quite extraordinary here. The Studio 140s exhibit very few sonic weaknesses.

OK, provoke the tweeter with really aggressive recordings or a very bright system and it’ll draw a little too much attention to itself, but otherwise they turn in a mesmerising performance.

Mars rising

These speakers get all the essentials spot on. Dynamics are bold enough to do justice to a recording as demanding as Holst’s Mars, where there’s little sign of restraint, even at high volume levels. In this respect, very few rivals can match them for the sheer, visceral sweep of their dynamic performance.

These speakers deliver

The fact is, the Studio 140s simply flow with the music, delivering power, punch and insight when they’re needed. Timing is equally impressive, these speakers complementing a hard-charging beat from the likes of Massive Attack.

The throbbing basslines stop and start with an agility not far short of the very best standmounters – except those smaller speakers don’t have the same bass extension.

Best of both worlds? That’s what ProAc has delivered. The 140s’ twin 16.5cm mid/bass -drivers, tuned with a downward firing port, promise some serious bass activity, and they don’t disappoint in that department.

Spine-tingling vocals

So, these towers do the muscle thing very well, but ask them to speak in a softer, more alluring tone of voice and they’ll do so with the grace of a fully trained debutante.

If you’re a fan of great vocalists like Nina Simone and Stevie Wonder, these ProAcs will leave you in no doubt about the breadth of their talents. Vocal nuances are presented with spine-tingling clarity, so every drop of the song’s emotional impact is thoroughly communicated.

Want to impress your friends with flashy-looking speakers that boast weird contours and innovative components? Buy something else. Want to impress them with great music? You’ve come to the right place…

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5